18 December 2015

We’re back! After a four year break, we’re back. In my view there seems to be a greater groundswell around manifestos than when I started over 4 years ago. I’ll be announcing a new game plan very soon. It will include a project and website redesign, more and better resources for you to create and share your manifesto plus a renewed push to our original goal of 1000 manifestos. We’ll also be adding an email list so you can keep up to date with the latest manifestos and resources added to this site. Feel free to drop us a line via our contact form to share the manifestos you’ve found and/or created, plus how we can make this site more useful for you.

11 August 2011

150! That’s 15% of our target. Happy today!

150 Manifestos

1 August 2011

One hundred and forty! Another milestone… Only 860 to go to reach our 1000 manifesto target. Have you posted your manifesto yet?

140 Manifestoes

28 July 2011

Webinar: Create Your Manifesto in Two Steps
Thursday July 28, 12:30pm to 1:30pm AEST (Melbourne, Australia) – Complimentary
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12 July 2011

That’s 130 Manifestoes! That is the correct spelling – although no one spells it this way…

130 Manifestoes

2 July 2011

120 Manifestos… Sneaking up on the target of 1000!

120 Manifestoes

20 June 2011

110 Manifestos and posting… That’s starting to sound impressive : )

110 Manifestos

10 June 2011

Happy 100th Manifesto to us! Stunning list…

100 Manifestos

31 May 2011

90 manifestos posted! Sneaking up on our first 100…

90 Manifestos

20 May 2011

80 manifestos all in a list! Bubbling along toward 1000…

6 May 2011

70 manifestos are now up and posted! What a great list already!

70 Manifestos

25 April 2011

New and Updated ‘Manifesto’ ebook now available for subscribers.

24 April 2011

We have now published 60 manifestos! Going well. Thanks for your contributions!

60 Manifestos

14 April 2011

We’ve hit 50 manifestos! That’s stunning. And only 950 to go!

50 Manifestos or 5%

13 April 2011

‘Manifesto’ ebook now available for subscribers.

3 April 2011

Sneaking up on our target… 40 posts up, a mere 960 to go!

Manifesto Project 4% complete

24 March 2011

Yeehar! 30 posts up! Only 970 remaining!

Manifesto Project 3% Completed

14 March 2011

20 Posts done! That’s 2% of our goal of 1000 manifestos. Only 980 to go!

Manifesto Project 2%

7 March 2011

We’ve reached double figures! That’s 10 manifestos posted. Only 990 to go!

3 March 2011

We’ve launched! The first manifesto has been posted. Only 999 remaining. Have you got a manifesto to share?