26 April 2018

Back again. I’m going to have another serious crack at this. Let’s get to 1000!

18 December 2015

I came back for a couple of weeks, redesigned the website, added 5 more manifestos, created the ebook The Experts Manifesto and left again.

8 November 2011

200! 20% down…

PS: I quit a short time later. Easily distracted…

11 August 2011

150! That’s 15% of our target. Happy today!

10 June 2011

Happy 100th Manifesto to us! That’s 10% and it’s already a stunning list.

14 April 2011

We’ve hit 50 manifestos! That’s stunning. And only 950 to go! That looks like a long way off…

3 March 2011

We have lift off! The first manifesto has been posted. Only 999 remaining. Woo hoo!