Blue Gym Manifesto

The Blue Gym Manifesto

Creator: Nick Southall is the creator of the Blue Gym website.

Purpose: To celebrate the natural environment as a means to improving health and wellbeing.

Blue Gym Manifesto

Growing medical evidence shows that access to the natural environment improves health and wellbeing, prevents disease and helps people recover from illness. Experiencing nature in the outdoors can help tackle childhood obesity, coronary heart disease, stress and mental health problems. Adults who become more active halve their risk of dying early from heart disease. People using the natural environment keep active longer.

1) Blue Gym is a campaign with lots of different activities falling under its umbrella designed to get more people physically active using our coastal and inland waters.

2) The Peninsula Medical School is leading research activity in response to requests from regional health care professionals who are trying to find ways of combating the obesity epidemic and the increasing incidence of psychiatric disorders. It will hopefully provide new medical evidence to confirm the cost effective role the Blue Gym can play in tacking many current health & social challenges

3) Through it’s activities Blue Gym aims to help us become a healthier & happier nation.



The Blue Gym Manifesto on their community site


Yellow Warriors Society of the Philippines: Yellow Manifesto

Creator: The Yellow Warriors Society of the Philippines (YWSP)

Purpose: To educate “on healthy lifestyle practices and stricter medical procedures to prevent contamination, provide better access to hepatitis treatment and implement and monitor labor laws for the protection of hepatitis patients and non-HBV (non-Hepatitis B virus) workers in the workplace.”

 The Yellow Manifesto

The Yellow Manifesto



Article on the Business Inquirer by Theresa S. Samaniego, 12th August 2011.


Patterson Stark: The 100 and Sexy Manifesto

Patterson Stark: Live Now, Die Later

Creator: Patterson Stark, health practitioner and author of “Live Now, Die Later”

Purpose: Seven simple things that you can do to promote longevity, health and happiness. Plus live to 100 years of age and still be sexy.

The 100 and Sexy Manifesto

1.  Focus on good health! – Know what it take to make the grade and review this often.

2.  Great Relationships are the best medicine! – Do you belong in your tribe?  Have a reason to get up each day and help someone else – it’s strong medicine!

3.  Food is life! – Every 3 hours eat it right, fresh, wholesome – no crap .

4.  Exercise can kill you! – If you don’t get your hour per day and love what you’re doing and who you’re with.

5  Water is the the fountain of life! – Most of us are dehydrated. Water can stop heart attacks, dementia and strokes!

6.  Have a medical plan of prevention! – Not an intervention plan.

7.  Personal time, quiet time! – Reflection and gratitude are the virtual elixir of longevity.



Stark Health Website

Live Now, Die Later – Website of the Book


Mark Sisson: Primal Blueprint

Mark Sisson: Primal Blueprint

Creator: Mark Sission
Purpose: A challenge to conventional wisdom for getting fit quickly and maintaining your strength, fitness, leanness and health well into your 70’s, 80’s and beyond.


Ten Primal Laws

1.    Eat lots of animals, insects and plants
2.    Move around a lot at a slow pace
3.    Lift heavy things
4.    Run really fast every once in a while
5.    Get lots of sleep
6.    Play
7.    Get some sunlight every day
8.    Avoid trauma
9.    Avoid poisonous things
10.    Use your mind


Primal Blueprint ebook: