Arthur D Little: Innovation Manifesto

Arthur D Little: Innovation Manifesto

Creator: Arthur D Little is the world’s first management consultancy.

Purpose: To predict how innovation will change over the next decade in order for corporations to survive.

Innovation Manifesto

Five key innovation concepts for companies to focus on:

1. Customer-based innovation – engaging with customers in more meaningful ways.

2. Proactive business model innovation – creating new ways of building innovative business models.

3. Frugal innovation – originating new innovations in lower income, emerging markets and adapting these to more developed markets.

4. High speed/low risk innovation – getting products and services to market quickly and without flaws.

5. Integrated innovation – taking traditional innovation approaches from New Product Development and applying them across the value chain.



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Alina Tugend: The Mistake Manifesto

Alina Tugend Mistake Manifesto

Creator: Alina Tugend, Author of Better By Mistake

Purpose: Our fear of mistakes has a high cost – we spend energy blaming each other and we avoid daring and innovation.


While I am not advocating that we all run around blundering and goofing up all the time—and certainly none of us like dealing with people who make the same mistake over and over—our fear of mistakes has a very high cost.

We exert enormous energy blaming each other when something goes wrong rather than finding a solution. Defensiveness and accusations take the place of apologies and forgiveness. Mistake-avoidance creates workplaces where making changes and being creative while risking failure is subsumed by an ethos of mistake-prevention—at the cost of daring and innovation.

  1. Teach supervisors about growth mindsets versus fixed mindsets.
  2. Make sure you don’t say one thing and do another.
  3. Mimstakes shouldn’t just be accepted, but rewarded.
  4. Learn to communicate well.
  5. Know how to apologise and how to accept apologies.



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